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Wanderlei Silva, other fighters push for Muhammad Ali Act in MMA

At the annual Convention of the Association of Boxing Commissions in San Diego, Wanderlei Silva and a host of ex-UFC fighters made a push for a Muhammad Ali act in the sport of MMA.

The last few years have really brought the idea of a possible union of MMA fighters into the forefront. While a union is unlikely at this point, one thing that fighters have been doing is looking at the idea of introducing something similar to the Muhammad Ali act for the sport of MMA.

The act, which was enacted in 2000 and amended a previous 1996 act, was designed to reduce corruption and conflicts of interest in the business of the sport, among other things.

Recently, a group of fighters that have spoken out against the UFC for their treatment of fighters took their case to the Convention of the Association of Boxing Commissions in San Diego. Among them was Wanderlei Silva and Ryan Jimmo, along with two men currently involved in a lawsuit against the UFC, Jon Fitch and Nate Quarry. They were joined by Rob Maysey, head of the Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Association.

Wanderlei posted a video of their time there on his website, which you can check out above.

Silva (35-12-1, 1 NC, 5-7 UFC) was recently sued by the UFC for claiming that there were fixed fights in the organization, among other things. He received a lifetime suspension from the Nevada Athletic Commission for avoiding a drug test last year, but that has since been overturned.

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