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Rousey on Tate: ' Miesha is one of my greatest challenges'

In the immediate aftermath of her first round finish of Bethe Correia, Ronda Rousey explains why Miesha Tate presents one of the greatest challenges of her career.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday night at UFC 190, Ronda Rousey scored her 12th straight victory in spectacular fashion against the previously unbeaten Bethe Corriea in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With her fourth straight first round finish, Rousey essentially defeated the last viable new title opponent in her division so the UFC has been forced to book a match-up beaten her and rival Miesha Tate, who is undefeated since the pair last met in 2013.

Despite holding two victories over Tate, Rousey is under no illusions that the former Strikeforce champion will be an easy fight. Speaking at the post-fight press conference Rousey explained the challenges that Tate presents:

"Every fight is a challenge," Rousey said. "This [Correia] fight was a challenge in its own way, and I think one advantage that I do have over my opponents is they don't really know what they're coming into when they get in there. They can watch as much footage as they like but they don't know what it's like to be in there with me. I think that's why Miesha is one of my greatest challenges, because she already has an idea of what she's getting in there with. I know I've improved a lot since the last time we fought."

Since losing via armbar to Rousey at UFC 168, Tate has been on a tear, winning four fights in row including a recent decision victory over the highly-talented Jessica Eye. Rousey vs. Tate III is tentatively scheduled for UFC 194 at Dallas' AT&T stadium.