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Saddened by accusations, Rousimar Palhares says he's 'not a dirty fighter'

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Rousimar Palhares is sad people think he fights dirty, saying that he behaved according to the instructions he received.

Rousimar Palhares
Rousimar Palhares
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Once again Rousimar Palhares has won a fight with another impressive submission. And once again he has also held on to it for too long and was warned for raking Jake Shields' during their title fight at WSOF 22 in Las Vegas.

Toquinho did defend his belt with a beautiful sweep kimura finish in the third round, but the accusations continued and many already want the Brazilian to be stripped of his belt for being a dirty fighter. Palhares himself begs to differ.

"I just protected myself. He put his head on my nose. I just put my hand there to protect myself. I did not put my fingers in his eyes. You can see it at the time." Palhares told MMA Fighting.

As for cranking on the kimura hold for too long, Palhares claims it was just how he was instructed to behave.

"I did not hold his arm. The referee said to me before the fight, ‘just go out there, if I put my hand on you, stop'. When he put my hand on me, I stopped. Sometimes in the fight it's hard, it's difficult to feel something. When I felt it, I stopped. I'm so sad because I'm not a dirty fighter. I just had good position, you know? Sometimes the fight is difficult. If you see the fight, I won in the striking with Jake Shields, I put him in bad positions. So when you guys say I'm dirty, I'm so sad about that."

For now, Rousimar Palhares' win will not be overturned, though it's very likely Jake Shields will appeal it to the Nevada Athletic Commission.