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Melvin Guillard suffers 'shattered' hand in Bellator 141 fight

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Melvin Guillard dropped his Bellator debut by decision, but it appears that a badly injured hand may have played a part in that.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Outspoken lightweight Melvin Guillard said he would be turning over a new leaf in Bellator, but a lot of what we saw in his Bellator 141 headlining bout with Brandon Girtz was more of the same lethargy from recent outings in the UFC and WSOF. He dropped a decision to Girtz, despite almost finishing him late in the bout. After the fight though, Guillard's ATT coach Din Thomas posted a picture on Instagram of a Guillard injury:

Dear Melvin Guillard's hand, You sure picked an awful time to break. #bellator

A photo posted by Din Thomas (@dinthomasatt) on

That's a nasty break. Guillard was apparently in "visible distress" after the bout due to the injury, which is understandable. Nonetheless, his dreams of becoming a big player for Bellator have fallen flat pretty much immediately. It remains to be seen what Scott Coker and Co. will do with the enigmatic fighter going forward.