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Female Boxing Champ: I'd help Ronda Rousey beat up Floyd Mayweather

Boxing champ Maureen Shea also states that Ronda Rousey could be an 'amazing boxer' if she puts in the time.

With their public spat, another top fighter has been asked about how UFC champ Ronda Rousey would do against Floyd Mayweather. This time it was decorated boxing champ Maureen Shea who joked about the somewhat silly hypothetical match up.

"Shit, I'd help her!" Shea said during a recent periscope session with Shane Mosley. "I've got your back girl, c'mon. Listen, I'll set it up, I'll start it off, and you can finish it off. I'm all about it."

"She'd break his arm off!" she said about Ronda's chances.

While a couple of other female boxing champions haven't been complimentary of Rousey's punching technique or the outrageous claims her coach has been making, Shea did have good things to say about the UFC champion.

"If you're asking about Ronda's boxing abilities, with the type of athlete that she is, if she's given a significant amount of time training as a boxer, I think she would be an amazing boxer," she said. "But not right now. She is going to have to train for a period of time. You don't just walk into my sport and say that you're going to do what you're going to do."

"Her athleticism, her desire to win, I respect every ounce of it. If given a certain amount of time and just train straight up boxing, I think she would do really well."

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