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UFC lifts Browne suspension after 'inconclusive evidence' on domestic violence claims

UFC heavyweight Travis Browne is cleared to compete again following an investigation into his wife's allegations of domestic violence.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC has completed its investigation into the domestic violence accusations against top 10 heavyweight Travis Browne. Jenna Renee Webb, Browne's wife, publicly announced she was leaving him last month, and posted several photographs of marks and bruises all over her body, alleging that Browne had been abusive towards her during their relationship.

In a statement released by the UFC on Friday night, whose investigation was conducted by a former FBI agent, "the investigation found inconclusive evidence to support claims of alleged domestic violence involving Browne, and inconclusive evidence that Browne had violated the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy."

Here's the full public summary of the investigation:

Upon learning of the posting of photographs on social media on or about July 8, 2015 by an individual reflecting bruises on their person and corresponding commentary that Travis Browne had committed the acts resulting in the bruising, UFC, through the Las Vegas-based law firm Campbell & Williams, began efforts to retain a third party to conduct a thorough, independent investigation into this matter. In mid-July, Campbell & Williams retained a private investigator with more than 25 years of experience as a Supervisory Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation operating out of the Los Angeles Field Office and as a Special Inspector General for the United States of America. The investigator has overseen countless investigations involving thousands of witnesses and subject interviews.

As part of his nearly two-month investigation into the Browne matter, the investigator and his colleagues interviewed nearly a dozen individuals located in several states. The interviewees included the principals of the investigation, former spouses, individuals with close personal relationships, and health-care professionals. Additionally, the investigator obtained various forms of electronic data reflecting interactions of the principals with each other and third parties. The investigation also included electronic and hand searches for relevant civil and criminal records, law enforcement service-call records, and the like.

Based on the abundant evidence gathered to date, the results of the investigation are inconclusive to support the claims of alleged domestic violence involving Browne. Similarly, the evidence was inconclusive to support a finding that Browne had violated the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy. The evidence gathered in the investigation has also been reviewed by Donald J. Campbell, Esq. of Campbell & Williams, a former state and federal prosecutor with extensive experience overseeing criminal investigations, who likewise concurs that the results of the investigation are inconclusive.

As a result, the UFC has lifted Browne's temporary suspension and he is eligible to compete again. Browne's name was indirectly in the news earlier this week when Webb highlighted his apparent new relationship with UFC women's bantamweight Ronda Rousey.

Neither Browne nor Webb has yet released public comments on this investigation following the UFC's announcement.

UPDATE at 10:34 PM ETMMA Fighting received this statement from Travis Browne, delivered via his manager John Fosco

I'd like to first thank my family, friends, fans and team for the overwhelming support they have shown me during this challenging time. This two-month period has taught me that strength truly does come from within. Sometimes saying nothing, requires more strength than saying everything. I made a conscious choice to keep quiet, comply and put my faith in the organization that has provided an amazing life for me and my family (UFC). They were forthright and honest from the beginning in stating that they took these allegations extremely seriously & were on a mission to get to the truth. I am so excited that this investigation has concluded and that i have the privilege to get back in the cage and do what i was put on this earth to do. In closing, my children are my life, they are my heart, they are my soul. Kaleo and Keawe have been taught to show women the utmost respect and that gift of parenting with a purpose is something that i can hold my head high and continue doing with pride.

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