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Would Ronda Rousey own the show at the ADCCs?

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One of competitive grappling's biggest events is on the horizon, which of course means it's time to talk about Ronda Rousey and hear from the ADCC competitors about just how well they think she would do.

With the Abu Dhabi Combat Club 2015 Submission Wrestling World Championships just around the corner, competitors have gathered, from around the world in Sao Paulo, Brazil. And with so many elite grapplers in one place, it only makes sense to ask the one question fans everywhere need to know: How would Ronda Rousey do at the ADCCs?

While several great grapplers gave their opinions on just what they thought the UFC's super star could do on the mats, elite BJJ grappling competitor Mackenzie Dern had the best breakdown of just what Rousey would be facing in a competition like this one.

"I think that Ronda Rousey has a really good ground game, especially for MMA. And she's a great athlete; you can't take away everything she's done in Judo and how she's been able to incorporate Judo in MMA. For sure I think she can hold her own against Jiu Jitsu girls or just submission grappling girls. But, I know that ADCC is the best of the best. We just have two divisions, so it's under 60 kg or above 60 kg. Or she's fighting Gabi or she'll be with me and Michelle Nicolini and all the other top athletes having to make that weight.

"I think it's really hard; the only time I've seen her make a weight like that is with MMA and it's one day before, not every single day. So, I think maybe it will be a little bit hard, for sure. She won't be easy, to submit her. She can definitely defend herself, but I think maybe she's a little bit lacking just on the ground game. Because, this is what we do, 24/7. I know for sure that in MMA her Jiu Jitsu, her ground game is so good. I don't think there's anyone on her level there. But, like they say, the ground is our ocean and we're the sharks, you know what I mean? Armbars is, for us, all the time. I think she needs to be careful with her neck and her legs and stuff like that."

So, what do you think, would Ronda Rousey be an elite grappler straight out of the gate if she decided to make a run at the ADCCs?


How would Ronda Rousey do at ADCCs?

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