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Chael Sonnen 'drunk on excitement' for 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump

MMA fighter and aspiring politician Chael Sonnen likes Donald Trump's 'straight talk' in the 2016 presidential election campaign.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Controversial television personality and aspiring president Donald Trump has been flooding the headlines since the announcement of his 2016 presidential campaign in June. The Republican has marketed himself with the slogan "we are going to make our country great again," and it seems The Apprentice host has sealed Chael Sonnen's vote.

Sonnen, a former Republican candidate for his hometown of Oregon, feels that Trump offers a refreshing stance in politics and admires his straight talking style.

"History says the front runner at this point dies off and dies off hard," Sonnen said on Louder Noise. "That said, Donald Trump is a little bit different. People actually know what they're getting into with Trump. His life has been out there including the bad stuff. He's never been given a fair shake in the media, you only hear about these negative things, and he's going up in the polls! He has the immigration comment which lands him in hot water, he moves up .5 percent in the polls. He has the John McCain comment, which it sounds like even he would have liked to run back, he goes up six points in the polls. Usually a guy starts with a big lead and he only fades. In Trump's case, he is gaining on the competition. Historically, this has also never been done. I'm excited about him, he's the guy I'm backing as of right now, because of his candid talk. Just because of his straight talk. I'm a little drunk on excitement on Donald Trump, just because he's so refreshing."

'The American Gangster's' political campaign was abandoned in 2010 after citing troubles with a legal issue in 2006. That legal issue was revealed to be a money laundering case Sonnen pleaded guilty to in 2011.

The middleweight fighter was also the subject of controversy in the same year after the 38-year-old was suspended for one year by the California State Athletic Commission after his loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 117. Drug tests revealed a 16.9:1 testosterone/epitestosterone (T/E) ratio.

The former title challenger was also suspended again in 2014 after a series of failed drug tests in the lead-up to his fight with Wanderlei Silva. Sonnen was hit with a two-year suspension by the NSAC  -- set to expire in 2016 -- and the wrestling powerhouse has hinted at wanting a third fight long-time nemesis, Anderson Silva.

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