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Condit would 'have to get his head right' if he fought Nick Diaz again

UFC welterweight title challenger Carlos Condit isn't too interested in a rematch with Nick Diaz.

Carlos Condit vs Nick Diaz is perhaps one of the most controversial fights of the last few years. It was a focal talking point long after the two men had engaged in the Octagon at UFC 143 in 2012. Instead of the dog fight fans were promised in the prime-time shows prior to the bout, Carlos Condit flipped the script when he used his technical prowess to outscore his Stockton rival.

Despite the Albuquerque local earning a unanimous decision, many feel Diaz did enough to get the nod. Condit's calculated gameplan and reluctancy to engage with Diaz in an all out brawl fragmented the MMA community and somewhat damaged Condit's reputation as 'The Natural Born Killer'.

Diaz also tested positive for marijuana metabolites for the second time in his career and was subsequently suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for one year. Despite Condit campaigning for a rematch, a second fight between the two welterweights never materialized due to Nick's suspension.

Now, three years on from UFC 143, Condit discussed the possibility of a rematch on The MMA Hour.

"Fighting Nick Diaz comes with a lot of other stuff," Condit said. "There's the fight it and of itself. Hey, it's a tough fight. It's a tough guy to game plan against and to fight. But the fans and the social media aspect, all of that. I'd have to get my head right for that. Of course I'm not looking past Robbie Lawler, but if I get this belt, I'd like to avenge a couple losses to the next couple of guys who you mentioned earlier, [Johny] Hendricks and [Tyron] Woodley."

Condit lost a decision to Johny Hendricks at UFC 158 and suffered a devastating injury midway through the second round of his fight with Tyrone Woodley at UFC 171.

Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites for a third time after his theatrical clash with Anderson Silva at UFC 183. Given his repeat offenses, it's unlikely that the Californian will evade a severe penalty from the NSAC, which could bury any chances of a potential rematch with Condit.

"I've said it in interviews in the past, I've agreed to that rematch a couple times. I don't know if he's ever coming back."

Carlos Condit will take on Robbie Lawler for the welterweight title at UFC 193 on November 15th at the Ethiad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.