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High says NAC is ‘getting worse,’ should be accountable for Jones’ drug test leak

Former UFC fighter Jason High believes the Nevada Athletic Commission should be held accountable for their misconduct over the past few months.

A little over a year ago, Jason High was cut from the UFC and had his fighters license suspended after he pushed referee Kevin Mulhall in protest of what he believed was a premature stoppage. Now months removed from his stringent suspension by the Nevada Athletic Commission, High was signed to World Series of Fighting, where he will fight for the first time since the unfortunate series of events.

However, while High would like to put the dilemma behind him and focus on his return, he was asked during an interview with Submission Radio whether he believes he NAC should be held accountable for their misconduct over the past few months, to which High emphatically agreed.

"I think there definitely should be [accountability]," High told Submission Radio. "Especially since we had like a rash of pretty egregious referee violations. I mean there have been in the recent years, it seems like it's getting worse. I don't know if it is, but everybody's gotta be held accountable, and that should be standards for the referees just as there's standards for fighters."

High also made reference to former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who tested positive for cocaine metabolites in a December 2014 out-of-competition drug test. Given that cocaine is not a banned substance out-of-competition and not one of the components that the NAC tests for unless it is in-competition testing, High blames the NAC for releasing Jones' test results.

"Jon Jones has his problems, but the time that he was busted for cocaine, like what's his recourse for them leaking that out-of-competition test where the cocaine is not on the prohibited list? What's his recourse against them for the damage to his reputation? Now I'm not saying that he doesn't do plenty of damage to his reputation after that, but you know, that's a question that should be asked. There should be accountability on both sides for sure."

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