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Bisping didn't mean to insult retired UFC lightweight Perez

UFC veteran Michael Bisping provides clarification for his recent comments on retired lightweight, Frankie Perez.

After earning his first win under the UFC banner with a knockout over Sam Stout at UFC Fight Night 74, lightweight prospect Frankie Perez shocked the audience when he announced his retirement from the sport. The 26-year-old cited the aches and pains accumulated from daily training for his retirement, which triggered a heated Michael Bisping to weigh in on the issue.

'The Count' said that Perez 'hasn't got the cojones' to compete in mixed martial arts in the UFC's post-fight show and stated how MMA is a 'real man's' sport. Perez fired back shortly after Bisping's controversial comments and called him a "clown."

Yesterday on The MMA Hour, Bisping clarified his comments and feels he was misunderstood.

"100 percent they misunderstand me," Bisping said. "Listen, I respect everybody that steps into the Octagon because it's such a hard thing to do for a living. And the world is made up of many different types of people. Not everybody has what it takes to be a UFC fighter. That's just a fact."

The 36-year-old said that he's willing to endure the physical hardships of MMA to provide for his family.

"If he doesn't want to do that and he wants to pursue another career, then great for him and I really respect his choice to do so. Of course, that is his decision," Bisping continued. "My opinion, being a fighter and a competitor, for me, that's the best living I can give my family. That's the way it is. For me, I am willing to put myself through that for my family."

Concluding the interview, Bisping wished Perez all the best and said he didn't mean for his comments to come across as insulting.

"He got a $50,000 bonus last night on top of his wages," Bisping started. "He probably got $70,000. I don't know where else he is going to earn that kind of money in one night. It wasn't an insult. I don't necessarily agree, but good for him, I'm sure he has a great head on his shoulders and maybe he's got an illustrious career in something else away from fighting. I wish I had that. And if he has it, God bless him and all the best. I certainly didn't mean to be insulting."

Michael Bisping is expected to face surging talent Robert Whittaker on November 15th at UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia.