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Update: Oliveira claims body went numb after neck injury in Saskatoon

Charles Oliveira's fight ending injury in Saskatoon looked painful from the start, but it's apparently more serious than just a dislocated shoulder or broken collarbone.

Hannah Peters/Getty Images

UPDATE: Following reports of Charles Oliveira suffering a micro-tear in his esophagus at UFC Fight Night Saskatoon against Max Holloway, MMA Fighting spoke to the Brazilian fighter, who said that he wasn't yet sure of the injury. Oliveira was able to confirm, however, that the original injury occurred in training:

"I injured my neck in training, but did physical therapy and thought everything was fine, but when I fell against the cage everything went numb, I couldn't feel my body."

Below is the original article on Oliveira's injury, which the UFC reported, via MMAJunkie as a tear in Oliveira's esophagus.

Yuck. I mean, we all knew that the injury was probably pretty bad when Charles Oliveira was forced to wave off his own fight after a botched takedown attempt on Max Holloway. Oliveira went for the body lock, tried to twist Holloway to the ground and ended up pulling guard when that didn't work. Holloway disengaged and waited for Oliveira to stand back up, but once the Brazilian was on his feet, he knew something was not right. Clutching the left side of his neck and shoulder, Oliveira told the ref he couldn't continue. Holloway still got to punch him a couple times just to let everyone make sure "do Bronx" really meant it, but once he didn't fight back the contest was over.

Things took an even more serious turn when Oliveira was carted out of the arena on a stretcher in a neck brace. Now we know the reason why: A torn esophagus. Ouch. MMAJunkie got the scoop on Oliveira's injury as reported to them by the UFC and by the UFC's medical consultant Dr. Jeff Davidson. There's no update to Oliveira's condition at the moment, although UFC spokesman Tom Wright reported at the press conference that Oliveira "was alert" and "able to move all his extremities."

Hopefully the injury doesn't keep Oliveira on the sidelines for too long and he can get back to competition soon. If he's quick enough, he may even be able to get a rematch against Holloway before the Hawaiian gets his next fight booked.

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