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UFC Saskatoon: Greg Jackson (no, not that one) scored 29-28 Erick Silva over Neil Magny

Dr. Greg Jackson probably needs a few remedial courses in judging school after he somehow had Erick Silva defeating Neil Magny in Saskatoon this evening.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

We've almost hit 3 full years to the day since UFC 151 got cancelled and Dana White called famed MMA coach and cornerman Greg Jackson "a sport killer" for advising Jon Jones not to fight Chael Sonnen on a week's notice. So it is on this humorous note that it is revealed a Dr. Greg Jackson was the judge who turned in the pretty bad 29-28 Erick Silva over Neil Magny scorecard in the UFC Saskatoon co-main event:

These were the FightMetric stats for what was a Magny split decision win, which included a 30-27 in his favor:

According to MMA Decisions, virtually every media member whose scores were compiled had it 30-27 Magny. Dr. Jackson has only judged a handful of UFC shows in Canada, including UFC 161 two years ago when he had Dan Henderson beating Rashad Evans by split decision.

So there you have it. Greg Jackson is a sport killer and he almost robbed Magny of a win.

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