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Video: Perez retires after KO win, Bisping says he doesn't have the 'cojones' for MMA

Frankie Perez retired after an impressive UFC victory, but Michael Bisping questioned his 'cojones', saying he should step away and let 'the real men' fight.

Frankie Perez had a truly impressive win on Sunday night's UFC event, as he knocked out veteran Sam Stout in less than a minute. Surprisingly enough, the 26-year-old decided to call it quits immediately after the contest, leaving the sport with a 10-2 record in MMA.

Watch the clip above of his post-fight interview where decided to hang up the gloves on a victory.

While it is rare that we see someone step away from the sport with a win, Michael Bisping decided to take a shot at him and his manhood for decided to leave early.

"I am glad!" Bisping exclaimed during his role as a Fox Sports analyst. "And no offense to Frankie Perez, because I don’t know the guy… But if he retired after knocking someone out on his 2nd UFC win, I would say he hasn’t got the cojones to really be in this sport."

"It’s a tough sport," he continued. "He said he is sick of what it does to his body. He’s sick of feeling like this. Well guess what, this sport isn’t designed for everybody, and if you don’t enjoy it, yeah, step away! Step away and let the real men do it."

Former UFC champion Dominick Cruz was also on the Fox Sports desk as an analyst, and he responded to these statements as well.

"I don’t know when to call for someone to quit… Nobody has that right," Cruz said. "Sometimes it takes more cojones to stop yourself than to keep going, and that’s something Michael Bisping can learn about from Perez."

Perez also responded in kind after hearing about Bisping's comments.

As it goes with retirements in combat sports, most of the time it's either way too late or not true altogether. If this is really the last time we see Perez inside the Octagon, I'm glad he's doing it off a victory and while he still has a healthy future to look forward to.