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Holm doesn't 'really care too much' why she was picked to face Rousey

The former boxing champ and undefeated mixed martial artist isn't asking questions, she's getting ready to fight.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Miesha Tate may have a lot of questions about why it's Holly Holm who's getting the next crack at Ronda Rousey instead of her, but Holm isn't worried about it.

The former women's boxing champ spoke on Fox Sports 1 America's Pregame (quotes via MMA Fighting) and made it clear that she's focused on the fight, not the thinking behind booking it.

"Maybe it's one of those things where they just want to test me out, kind of throw me out there," Holm said Friday on FOX Sports 1's America's Pregame. "Maybe it's because they really feel I'm ready. I don't really care too much of the why. I just want to make the best of the situation."

"I think she knows that in beating me that even says more about her stand up," Holm said. "For a long time so many people were always just talking about her armbar. I think that she wanted to prove to them she has more than that, which she has done just that. So this is a big opportunity for her to really show people what she's made of."

"First of all, I'm gonna learn from all the other mistakes," Holm said. "Every fighter has their own style and every style makes a different matchup. We're gonna go in there with a game plan, but I always leave a little room for adjustments, because you never know how a fight is gonna go. My biggest thing is to just to stay focused the whole time. It's easy to just kind of say, 'Oh, we're here, let's just go' and go forward with any kind of thinking. It's a big mental game in there. I plan on being very composed."

Holm will get her chance at UFC 195 on January 2, 2016 in Las Vegas Nevada.