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UFC featherweight Rony Jason stopped by cops for DUI, refuses to take breathalyzer test

Suspended UFC featherweight Rony Jason refused to take the breathalyzer test after being pulled over on suspicion of DUI.

Rony Jason
Rony Jason
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Rony Jason, the UFC's featherweight winner of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil's first season, was stopped by the cops for driving under the influence of alcohol on Thursday night. However, he refused to take the breathalyzer test because he didn't want to incriminate himself any further.

According to Jason, he was on his way to a birthday party, but he had already drank three shots of whiskey before leaving his house.

"I was home and I drank three shots of whisky. A friend of mine invited me to a birthday party around 3 in the morning, I wasn't tired and had nothing better to do, so I went,"Jason told Combate. "So I took my car and some cops stopped me on my way, which is something I defend. I pulled over and license and registration were all OK. They asked me to blow on the breathalyzer and I refused because I'm not obligated to build evidence against myself, so I told them I would rather not do it. So they told me my car was confiscated until someone sober could pick it up. So I started walking, I was already close to the club I was headed and I only took 10 steps before I found a friend. I asked if he was drinking and he said he wasn't, so he got the car for me."

One of the cops, though, claimed Jason wanted to take advantage of his status as an UFC fighter to get a better treatment from the cops, which is something Jason harshly denies.

"There was no appeal, that never happened. All I said is that I defend the state will all my might, the government is trying to f**k us citizens.  That's what I said. I wasn't looking for any privileges. Another thing, my car wasn't towed, it's in my garage right now. Someone started posting pictures of me online, I'll get in touch with my lawyer to see if that's allowed."

Rony Jason hasn't competed ever since a triangle choke win over Damon Jackson last May, which has been overturned since he tested positive for a banned diuretic. The fighter has been suspended for nine months, though he said he was going to appeal the decision.

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