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Used to having the crowd against him, Bigfoot Silva is 'flattered' to fight in stadium

Antonio Silva won't mind having thousands of Australians cheering against him at UFC 193. All he wants is to defeat Mark Hunt the second time around.

Antonio Silva
Antonio Silva
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Antonio Silva will get a second chance to defeat Mark Hunt since their first clash ended in a majority draw in December of 2013. Much like that encounter, the two gentlemen will once again face off in Australia, but this time around at a soccer stadium. This excites the Brazilian, as he told Combate:

"I'm flattered to fight at such a big stadium. It's my first time, I don't know how I will feel. I think it'll be wonderful. Of course I never had a crowd that big before, but usually when there are 20 thousand people in the crowd, 16 thousand are against me. I have been fighting for 11 years and I only had three fights where the crowd was by my side. I'm used to it. I'll forget that there will be about 50 or 70 thousand people there and I will focus on Hunt. After the fight, I will watch it and I'll say ‘That's cool', but I won't let my emotions get to me during the fight."

Even more motivated by the draw in their first fight, Bigfoot will try his best not to leave it in the hands of the judges the second time around, though he's aware Hunt will be looking to do the same.

"A draw is not very common in MMA, but it was a great fight. We were looking for the knockout all the time. I fell to one side, he fell to the other. It was a great battle. This time I want to win. Of course it'll be great if I can get it done in the first two minutes, but I want to be ready for anything. I don't like to leave it in the hands of the judges, we never know what they're thinking."

The rematch betweenSilva and Hunt is scheduled to be the co-main event of the evening of UFC 193, which will be headlined by the welterweight title fight between champion Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit, at the Etihad Stadium, in Melbourne, Australia, on November 14.

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