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Stitch calls 'bullsh*t' on UFC saying he wasn't fired because of Reebok comments

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Stitch has responded to the UFC's recent statements that he wasn't fired because of his Reebok statements.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Jacob 'Stitch' Duran says he was fired because of his comments to Bloody Elbow about cutmen losing money on the Reebok deal. This story went on for weeks, with Dana White and other UFC and Reebok executives even commenting on the firing without denying that it was because of his critical statements.

That makes it a bit weird as not one but two UFC representatives have suddenly come out yesterday to say that it 'unequivocally' had nothing to do with his comments towards Reebok. They state that there are other reasons for the termination, and now Stitch himself has responded, calling it all all 'bullshit'.

He also responded to a few more people about the topic: