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Donald Cerrone was just 'trying to get a rise' out of Rafael dos Anjos with steroid comments

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Top UFC lightweight contender Donald Cerrone takes back his steroid comments over Rafael dos Anjos.

Earlier in July, future UFC title challenger Donald Cerrone accused Rafael dos Anjos of using steroids. Despite outclassing Anthony Pettis at UFC 185 to claim the lightweight title, the newly minted champion has received backlash for his accomplishments.

After mixed success in his UFC career, dos Anjos reinvented himself as a upper echelon lightweight fighter and has surged to the top of the 155 lbs. rankings as a force to be reckoned with. The Brazilian's stunning win over 'Showtime' in March elicited suspicion from MMA pundits and fighters, with many questioning the champ's legitimacy.

Dos Anjos, of course, has vehemently denied the accusations and has vowed to 'beat up' Cerrone in their rematch at UFC on FOX 17 in December.

"He posted a picture of me 10 years ago and a recent one from a weigh-ins, when I'm obviously in better shape, especially the way I train now, so of course you're going to see a difference," dos Anjos said last month. "That's what's left for him to do. He got beat up by me once and will get beat up again. The belt is here with me. What he can do is wait at the bar, keep drinking alcohol, and wait for his next beating."

In the latest edition of The MMAHour, 'Cowboy' explained the reasoning behind his steroid accusations and said he was just trying to 'p**s him off.'

"I'm not concerned about (PED use) at all. I was just trying to get a rise out of him ... that's all. Maybe he worked hard and does what he has to do. I was just trying to get a rise, piss him off, get a stir."

In 2007, after his first round submission over Kenneth Alexander at WEC 30, Cerrone tested positive for Hydrochlorothiazide, a diuretic used to ease the weight cutting process by enhancing the kidney's water-retaining capabilities.

On August 13th, the UFC confirmed that Donald Cerrone would would challenge Rafael dos Anjos in his first title defense at UFC on FOX 17 on December 19th at the Amway Center in Orlando.