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Anthony Johnson posts angry Facebook rant, threatens to repeat gym incident

Not a good look for UFC fighter Anthony Johnson, who already has a long history of domestic violence charges and accusations against him.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Johnson took to social media on Tuesday night about an incident with a woman in a gym that had him furious. According to the UFC light heavyweight's first hand account of things, an argument led to him snatching the yoga mat from under a woman, and throwing it across the gym.

He had a lengthy rant about the entire situation where he threatened to repeat the events if she ever got in his way again. Here's a screenshot of the post that has since been deleted:

Anthony Johnson facebook rant

Johnson also spoke about the incident on twitter:

While this may end up without any cases filed against him, it certainly isn't a good look for Johnson who has had a long history of domestic violence cases and accusations against him from different women.

Johnson entered a no contest plea in a 2009 domestic violence case. In March of 2014, the police were called on him because of another women who claims to have ended a relationship with him on 2012. The police report noted 'battery charges' and 'a pattern of stalking', until the woman voluntarily dropped the case and stated she won't be pressing charges anymore but wanted it documented.

Late 2014, Johnson was suspended by the UFC following another incident. This involved the mother of Johnson's two children, who spoke about numerous threats and detailed a history of abuse dating back to 2012. Johnson was allowed back into the UFC after the woman voluntarily dismissed the case.

The massive 6-foot-2 knockout artist was last seen in the Octagon competing for the UFC light heavyweight title in May.