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UFC's Antonio Braga Neto allegedly urinates in bar, brawls with security

UFC middleweight Antonio Braga Neto is facing charges after an unfortunate incident in a Manaus bar.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It sounds like Antonio Braga Neto recently had a bad night at the bar. The UFC middleweight was apparently hanging out in a watering hole in Manaus, where he became intoxicated and allegedly urinated on the floor, which led to a brawl with 10 security guards. He was arrested and charged with assault and urinating in public. The info comes via MMA Fighting.

He spoke with MMA Fighting about the incident, saying he wasn't sure whether he actually peed on the floor or not due to his alcohol intake:

"I was drunk, I can’t say for sure if I did that or not. I don’t remember exactly what happened. What I recall is that five guys grabbed me from behind and threw me outside the club. If I really (urinated), that’s not a reason to get beat up like that.

"I went there to have fun and try to meet a girl, and I still don’t know what happened," he continued. "I can’t remember why they tossed me outside the club. It was horrible. They beat me up."

He says that he's actually going to sue the bar and the security guards as well.

Braga Neto (9-2, 1 NC, 1-1 UFC), a BJJ world champion, is coming off a split decision loss to Clint Hester in June.

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