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Bethe Correia: Ronda Rousey is 'trying to pose as a saint' but I saw her real face

Bethe Correia says she was unfairly criticized for her comments, while Ronda Rousey is getting away with similar statements that go over the line as well.

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Bethe Correia was criticized for going too far with her pre-fight trash talk against Ronda Rousey after bringing up the topic of 'suicide'. Following her loss, the Brazilian challenger seemed upset about the champion getting a free pass from the media on similar comments that she feels to have stepped over the line as well.

Correia took offense in particular to statements made by Rousey to his mentor in Gene LeBell, who recently went on the record to reveal what Ronda said after the fight.

"I think she was a little disappointed," LeBell said about Rousey. "She wanted to beat this gal up, and she said, ‘I wasn't through, I wanted to break something, an arm or a leg or neck'. But John McCarthy broke it up because she was unconscious. But she said, ‘well, I proved a point.'"

Correia feels slighted by those comments and how it was seemingly ignored by most outlets, making her go on social media to address the issue.

"I was extremely criticized and judged by lack of respect due to a bad interpretation of the current champ," Correia said on Instagram. "All that time I saw the real face of the current champ trying to pose as a saint, while she always said publicly that she wanted to make me "have a meeting with Jesus" which was her true intention."

"The media never gave that much coverage. I'd never would fight anyone with the intention to kill, break their neck which is something there's no return from," she stated. "I wouldn't joke about it, because wanting to kill someone is not caring about the pain their family would feel!"

Bethe then reiterated her goal of eventually earning one more crack at the dominant champion.

"So I tell @rondarousey I'm here and I'll fight for a rematch in 2016, stronger, more mature, we'll see each other again! I wanted to fight you and I got it. I'll get that chance again and I'll have my revenge at the right time!"

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