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Former PXC champion Ale Cali shot dead in Davao, Philippines

Former PXC champ Ale Cali was murdered in Davao City, Philippines.

Photo by Anton Tabuena

Former PXC flyweight champion Ale Cali was found dead in Ulas Crossing, in Davao City, a province in the Philippines. The Filipino fighter suffered fatal gunshot wounds to the head and neck. Cali was 25-years old.

Multiple outlets from the Philippine province cite eyewitness reports that a still unidentified gunman struck from behind and fired three shots before fleeing the scene. Local authorities have declined to comment on the motive on the incident pending a complete investigation. Reportedly found on Cali was his phone, wallet, IDs, and cash.

Cali started out as a boxer, before jumping into MMA and earning a reputation as one of the most charismatic and entertaining strikers in the Philippines. After a brief stint with the URCC, he won 4 straight bouts in PXC, winning and defending their flyweight title in the process.

In 2013, he lost his belt to Louis Smolka, who would move on to be a successful UFC fighter. Cali has an overall record of 5-3 in MMA, and was penciled in to compete at the next PXC card in Manila this year.