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Rory MacDonald on UFC 189 aftermath: 'I knew what year it was'

A post-UFC 189 story had emerged where Rory MacDonald didn't know what year it was in the aftermath of his bout with Robbie Lawler. MacDonald says that isn't the case.

Rory MacDonald isn't your average fighter. After all, how many would talk about a bloodbath fight with Robbie Lawler at UFC 189, that he lost no less, and describe it as the best moment of his entire life?

One of the other things that came out of that fight was a story about Rory's interaction with the doctor after the fight. UFC president Dana White stated that MacDonald was asked what year it was when he got to the back and he didn't know. While that sounds plausible, Rory stated this week on The MMA Hour that that little tidbit is indeed false. Or was misinterpreted at least (via MMA Fighting):

"I knew what year it was. I knew everything that was going on."

According to Rory, the reason that people may have thought differently is because he just stopped answering questions from the doctor. MacDonald, who suffered a broken nose and a variety of deep cuts on his face from the bout, says that he was just sick of the inquiries so he clammed up:

"She was just asking me so many damn questions. And I was like just trying to get air and spit out all the blood that was in my throat, so I was just annoyed so I stopped answering her questions."

He does understand that the doctor was just doing what she was supposed to though:

"I was not in the mood to talk to the doctor, then. I was in my own little world. It's their job to check on you, that you're fine, I'm not going to question the doctor, that's their job."

MacDonald was defeated that night in the fifth round by TKO, despite being up 39-37 on all three of the judge's scorecards after four.