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Tweet of the Day: Chael Sonnen hints that he wants Anderson Silva rematch?

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Chael Sonnen sends out a cryptic tweet, hinting that he perhaps wants to rematch Anderson Silva.

Silva/Sonnen stare down, Esther Lin
Silva/Sonnen stare down, Esther Lin

Yesterday, at the long-awaited NSAC hearing with Anderson Silva, it was announced that the former middleweight champion would serve a one-year suspension (effective from January 31st) after testing positive for steroids at UFC 183. As well as the 12 month ban, 'The Spider' was also fined $680,000, as the Nevada State Athletic Commission deducted 30% of his fight purse and revoked his $200,000 win bonus. His win over Nick Diaz is now also registered as a no contest.

The hearing has been criticized as a circus act, as several translation hiccups and outrageous ringtones set an unprofessional tone. Anderson Silva's defense also elicited ridicule, as the Brazilian claimed to have taken a sexually enhancing "blue vial" from a friend in Thailand which contained the banned anabolic steroid drostanolone.

Shortly after Anderson Silva's bizarre NSAC hearing, Chael Sonnen hinted on Twitter that he's perhaps interested in a third showdown with his long-time nemesis.

Chael Sonnen is also serving a suspension from the NSAC; 'The American Gangster' was banned for two years after failing multiple drug tests in the lead-up to his fight with Wanderlei Silva. Sonnen's suspension is to be lifted in 2016, and Anderson Silva could return to the Octagon as early as February next year.

Sonnen and Silva fought in two historic championship bouts in 2010 and 2012, where Anderson retained his middleweight belt in both encounters after months of trash talk from Sonnen in the build-up. Perhaps a third fight would serve as a fitting end to both fighter's careers.