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UFC heavyweight champ Werdum wants Velasquez rematch in Brazilian soccer stadium

Fabricio Werdum would like to face Cain Velasquez in his hometown of Porto Alegre in a soccer stadium.

Fabricio Werdum
Fabricio Werdum
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The immediate rematch Cain Velasquez was awarded against Fabricio Werdum came as a bit of a surprise to some since the Brazilian defeated the former champion very soundly in Mexico City. However, "Vai Cavalo" doesn't mind facing Velasquez one more time.

In fact, he already had a feeling it was coming since his coach warned him about the possibility. Werdum, of course, welcomes it, but this time around he would like to fight him in his hometown.

"I think it's nice to give Cain Velasquez a rematch. I respect him a lot.", Werdum told Combate. "Remember that after our fight I said I would face him again right away? Rafael Cordeiro told me that a long time ago. He said ‘Werdum, we will fight Velasquez again and it'll be in Las Vegas.' But after this tour I made all over Brazil, I would really like if the fight took place in Porto Alegre. I'm sure I can put 50,000 people in a stadium in Porto Alegre after I've seen all the love and how they started to recognize me when I came back.'

Although there's no timetable for the rematch, Werdum claims he will talk to the brass next week to discuss the matter.

"We don't have a place or a date defined yet, but I'll have a talk with Dana and Lorenzo Fertitta next Wednesday or Thursday in order to set that straight."

Fabricio Werdum became the UFC heavyweight champion when he defeated Cain Velasquez by submission in the third round of their fight in Mexico City at UFC 188.

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