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Miesha Tate: Bethe is a 'rookie', Ronda Rousey 'knows I'm her biggest threat to the title'

Miesha Tate speaks about a third fight against Ronda Rousey, and claims she won't be making any of the 'rookie' mistakes her last opponent did.

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When Miesha Tate dropped Jessica Eye and took home another quality win over a top contender, it was stated that she has earned herself a third crack at Ronda Rousey. While 'Cupcake' says her management 'has not heard anything from the UFC' about the contest, it seems to be only a matter of time and she's already preparing for the contest.

Tate watched Rousey earn a quick KO against Bethe Correia earlier in the month, but according to the former Strikeforce champ, there's not much 'value' to learn from that.

"Well, I don't think Bethe compares as a fighter to any of the girls in the top 10 so I don't really value that fight that much," Tate stated during a live chat with fans at the Seattle Times. "I know I wouldn't go down like that and I wouldn't turn and run so I get punched in the back of the head. Rookie mistakes by a rookie."

"The last fight was hard to take anything away from really. I think Bethe is nowhere near the level she was competing with so she made some bad mistakes, and in my opinion (she) just isn't that good."

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As for how a third fight would be different, Tate says being more familiar with Rousey's game helps a lot. She also cites massive improvements in her game.

"Now I know more of her tendencies and go to moves," she states, after having met Ronda for 4 rounds. "Before that 2nd fight with her, I was much less aware of what to expect because her fights were so short largely due to her unique fighting style"

"I think the element of surprise is a huge factor, I think I have some things in my arsenal that I didn't before and Ronda has never been challenged the way I will challenge her, she knows I'm her biggest threat to the title right now in the division and I am ready to bring the fight to her."

"I'm really focused on not making the same mistakes I did before." Tate says, while also sharing that incorporating Judo training has been part of her camp. "All of Ronda's takedowns I handed to her. That was dumb and I won't make the same mistake again."

As for what she expects Rousey to do, she thinks it's pretty straight forward.

"I think she thinks she will strike with me, but I think once I crack her a good one she will resort to her Judo once again"

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