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Joe Rogan: UFC probably going to add more weight classes

UFC commentator and personality Joe Rogan discusses the likelihood of adding more weight classes to the promotion.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC currently permits ten weight classes in the organisation, ranging from the women's strawweight division to the men's heavyweight fold. After the inclusion of the featherweight division from the now defunct World Extreme Cagefighting in 2011, the UFC added a further four weight classes: women's bantamweight, strawweight; and then the men's bantamweight and flyweight divisions.

According to Joe Rogan, the UFC personality believes there's a good chance of an addition of even more weight classes.

"I also think the UFC is probably gonna have to add more weight classes eventually, because there's not enough weight classes," Rogan said on his podcast. "There's some big gaps - like 185 and 205, that's a 20 lbs. weight class - that's a giant gap. I think for guys that are like 'tweeners, there's guys that are like too big for this weight but too small for that weight - they could use a 195 - I think every 10 lbs. would be reasonable."

While the inclusion of more weight classes would create more champions, the significance of championship gold would diminish. Boxing has been heavily criticised for its abundance of weight classes and insignificant championship titles.

One UFC fighter who has spoke out in favour of more weight classes is John Makdessi. After the Candian lost to Donald Cerrone at UFC 187 on May 23rd, Makdessi posted a lengthy message on Facebook explaining his disadvantage at 155 lbs. and 145 lbs., and has since considered his retirement from the sport.

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