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NAC hearing for Anderson Silva discussion & updates

The Nevada State Athletic Commission will be live on Fight Pass on August 13th at 11am EST to address Anderson Silva's drug test failure among a host of other topics.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The continuation of a major black mark on the MMA landscape enters its next phase on August 13th, on Fight Pass, at 11 am EST. Long time former UFC middleweight champion and arguably one of the greatest fighters in the young history of the sport, Anderson Silva will be front and center before the Nevada State Athletic Commission to have sentencing passed on him for a set of failed drug tests surrounding his UFC 183 bout against Nick Diaz.

Silva failed both pre and post fight drug screenings for the fight, testing positive for steroids drostanolone, androstane, and anxiety and insomnia meds oxazepam and temazepam. Silva was initially supposed to face the NAC sometime in early April of this year, but has since asked for multiple extensions on his hearing date in order to form his defense to the evidence of his failed drug tests.

Just what is that defense going to be? It sounds like a new twist on the tainted supplement route, as Silva's attorney outlined recently that his client was taking "a supplement for the purposes of enhancing sexual performance." Along with it are claims that a second supplement that Silva's took that may have contained androstane.

Also on the docket for the NAC hearing are expected temporary suspensions for Caio Magalhaes for spitting blood on Josh Samman, as well as temporary suspensions for Jake Shields and Rousimar Palhares for some less than sporting aspects of their recent WSOF title fight (which saw Palhares eventually stripped of his belt).

And in minor schedule news, Frank Mir will be requesting a renewal of his license as a fighter over the age of 35. Notably absent from the docket is any business regarding Steve Mazagatti's continued reffing of MMA fights in Nevada, despite several media outlets calling for the commission to take official action on his performance for the aforementioned Palhares vs. Shields fight.

For those with a Fight Pass account, you can watch the NAC hearing live starting at 11am EST, 8am Pacific.

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