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How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Don't be a DNB, Replies to Punk vs Pendred Beef

The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


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"All the time! I liked a guy who said while mounted "Hey did I tell you I saved on my car insurance with Geico" "  -Big John McCarthy, on weird things two fighters say during a fight.

"I had to slap this guy "  -Nick Diaz

"Att: fighters.A long packet u get when you sign multi-fight deals w/an org=contract. A 2pg document w/ur opponents name&date=bout agreement... I notice ppl holding up a paper saying "this is my contract for Invicta 14!" It's actually your bout agreement. :)"  -Roxanne Modafferi

"Hey @UrijahFaber  , I'd love to chat regarding the opening for Head Coach at Alpha Male.  Heard Kampmann was departing...  Cheers, Ebersole"  -Brian Ebersole

"@glovertexeira great job saturday! All respect in the world brother.Don't listen to the nonsense. We will tangle soon bro. DC #washavingfun"  -Daniel Cormier

"OSP is a super sweet, high performance automobile that gets really bad mileage and doesn't hold much gas. #UFCNashville"  -Elias Theodorou



"Airline Rep 1: Glasses off please sir

Me: (remove glasses)

Airline Rep 2: Are you sure you can fly w/ yr face looking like that?

Me: "  -Patrick Cummins



"So... Reebok pays the ENTIRE UFC 200 million for 6 years and Adidas ONE DUDE $200 Million for 13 years. My head..."  -Nate Quarry, reacting to James Harden getting an Adidas sponsorship.

"So @Reebok pulled @TimKennedyMMA jersey and yet @UFC won't cut Tim for what he said... Why is that? He just gets... "The call.""  -Nate Quarry

"A fighter union is a good thing. A fighter union organized by people that lobby against our sport in New York is fucking laughable."  -Josh Samman





Unofficial (official?) promo for #InvictaFC14 feat. @panniekianzad #atomicbootydrop #SoundOn #wmma @invictafc

A video posted by Esther Lin (@allelbows) on



"Stop being a do nothing bitch! Let's do this for the FANS now (December 12) not later/ don't worry it will be your last fight!!@RondaRousey"  -Cris Cyborg, who also responded to a few of Rousey's statements.





"Welcome back @THEREALPUNK #Reunited"  -Scott Coker

"You've always done what you say you'll do. Trust is key. Thank u"  -Josh Thomson

"0 × 0 = 0 which equals the amount of fucks I give about what Bellator is doing or who they are signing. #nofucksgivin"  -Will Brooks

"Jump in line I've got plenty of ass whoopings to go around. #businessasusual"  -Will Brooks



"@DiegoSanchezUFC salud, see you in Monterrey! " -Ricardo Lamas



"Don't forget to add... Who has made 50x what you will ever make. @CMPunk"  -Ben Askren, replying to Pendred and what he sees in the mirror.

"Everyone in @CMPunk gym understands he is very wealthy from being an entertainer.  We can learn something from him "  -Ben Askren

"Like what? His success in another field isn't transferable."  -Jonathan Snowden

"Success is a skill, if you had some you would understand! @CMPunk"  -Ben Askren

"you are a McGregor Groupie and Goon. Shhhh!"  -Tyron Woodley to Cathal Pendred.



Another one from @maximmexico with @alvin_nguyen

A photo posted by Chrissy Blair (@chrissy_blair) on

Fighters only magazine shot by @brianbhayes check out my interview and gallery in the latest issue #ufc #octagongirl #mma

A photo posted by Vanessa Hanson (@vanessahanson) on

Diet starts tomorrow. #happyCheatDay . Photo: @GregorioPhotography Makeup @elizabethsuj

A photo posted by Arianny Celeste UFC® (@ariannyceleste) on


A photo posted by Chrissy Blair (@chrissy_blair) on

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