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Rory MacDonald: Battle against Robbie Lawler was 'the best moment of my entire life'

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Despite a broken nose and toe, and being knocked out, the "Canadian Psycho" feels his UFC 189 encounter with the UFC champion has been a "once-in-a-lifetime experience".

How would you guys feel when a hard hitting UFC champion beats your face into a bloody mess and finally knocks you out with a punch to your already broken nose? Well, Rory MacDonald experienced exactly that in his welterweight title fight against Robbie Lawler at UFC 189 and calls it: "The greatest moment of my life".

Obviously, they call him the "Canadian Psycho" for a reason.

In the first interview after their historic battle, on the latest edition of the MMA Hour, MacDonald stated that the Lawler fight was "the best experience, it was a real experience, it showed me who I was. It was the best moment of my entire life. Obviously I'm disappointed that I didn't win, I wasn't able to push through and stop him, but at the end of the day, it was just a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I'm grateful for it."

The fight is widely considered as one of the best in UFC history with both fighters having dished out and absorbed incredible amounts of punishment. After a bumpy start, MacDonald managed to gain the upper hand and take the lead on the scorecards, until the last round, when Lawler stopped him with a well-placed punch to the nose.

"He was really finding his spot with his left right on my nose," MacDonald told Ariel Helwani. "It was giving me shock waves through my brain and my body. It just stopped me. Never broken a bone in my life, so it was an interesting feeling to fight three rounds with a broken nose. I was doing okay until the fifth."

This has been MacDonald's second encounter with Lawler, and his second defeat. Nevertheless, he is positive that they will meet another day -- and more than once.

"Robbie's an amazing fighter, it's amazing to fight against him," he said. "Can't wait to fight him again, we're going to fight five more times, I bet. He's the funnest guy in the world to fight. That guy brings the best in you for sure."

Not only did MacDonald suffer a broken nose, he also broke his foot and went into the fight with a hurt MCL. He targets a comeback in December.

There's only question left: What exactly made the brutal fight against Lawler such a great experience for him?

"When the blood was all in my mouth and leaking in my face, that was incredible," MacDonald said. "That one describes my career and my personality perfectly."

It does, indeed.