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Tito agrees with Wandy that UFC fixes fights, cites decision loss to Griffin

Tito Ortiz recently did a Periscope Q&A in which he gave his support to Wanderlei Silva's talk of fixed fights in the UFC.

Bellator title contender and former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz took to Periscope recently to answer fan questions. One of those questions was about Wanderlei Silva's recent claims that he had proof of fixed fights in the UFC. Since those allegations were made, Zuffa has taken Wandy to court alleging "defamation" and "business disparagement." Those legal threats didn't stop Ortiz from weighing in with his opinion on the potential for fixed UFC bouts, however. He even went a step further, claiming that he very well may have been a part of one.

The fight in question? Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin at UFC 148. You remember, the one where Ortiz was set to retire and Griffin ran out of the cage thinking he'd lost and had to be ushered back in, only to then realize he'd won and conduct a super awkward post fight interview of Ortiz. Ironically enough, the bout would end up being the last of Griffin's career. But that's not the memory Ortiz has from the fight (transcription via MMAMania, starts at 02:25 of video):

"Wanderlei (Silva) talking about fixed fights. I dunno, I agree with him because I kicked Forrest (Griffin's) ass the third time we fought. I knocked him down three times, I took him down four times, I gave him an ass-whooping. For the first time in UFC history, they give 'strikes attempted.' They credited him for that. What the fuck is strikes attempted? Wanderlei talks about fixed fights? Possibly. That was a fixed fight. I kicked his ass. Don't listen to Joe Rogan. Don't listen to the bullshit he has to say. Turn off the audio and watch that fight again. I broke his jaw, c'mon."

While Ortiz did fight again after that bout, it would be his last under the UFC banner. He ended his retirement just under two years after that fight to sign a contract with Bellator. Currently he is scheduled to take on Liam McGeary for the promotion's light heavyweight championship on September 19th, at Bellator 142 in San Jose, California.