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Mayweather on MMA, 'tough guy' Dana White: I'm in the $100 million business, not $100,000

Floyd Mayweather spoke to the media about MMA and 'tough guy' Dana White who 'used to work for us'.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. spoke to the media following the press conference of his final bout, and he was asked about Mixed Martial Arts, and whether he would fight a top star like Ronda Rousey after their back and forth with the media.

His immediate response to the reporter: 'You're a comedian!'

When asked about fighting MMA fighters in general, he responded with a slight dig at the UFC and the payouts fighters make in the sport.

"I'm in the $100 million business, not the $100,000 business," Floyd states. "I shouldn't even be stooping to certain levels, because it doesn't make any sense."

"People that's in MMA, I wish them nothing but the best. I don't have anything negative to say about them. The hand I was dealt in life, I was dealt a royal flush and I just have to be thankful and appreciative of the hand I was dealt," he continues. "I don't have anything negative to say about anyone. I wish everyone of them nothing but the best."

Floyd also shared a story about Dana White, long before he became a 'tough guy' UFC president.

"I can remember, I think you can go back to the beginning, to day one of my career, my first fight. My uncle Jeff Mayweather and I, that's when Dana White used to work for us. He used to be with us. When nobody else knew who Dana White was before, when he was a little square white guy, before he cut all his hair off and became a 'tough guy' in the MMA."

"He used to run around with me. Nobody would wear his patch and I said I would do it for free. Showed him love and I'm proud of him. I'm proud of how far he has come."