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Tim Kennedy blasts Reebok payouts, calls business side of MMA 'tragic and pathetic'

Tim Kennedy didn't have nice things to say about the Reebok sponsorship payouts.

UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy is currently on a self-imposed hiatus from the sport. When asked about why he hasn't returned just yet, the former Strikeforce star says that part of the reasons stem from his unhappiness with the business aspects in MMA.

"My disenchantment has come from the business side of it. The officiating, the reffing, the sponsorship," Kennedy said during an appearance at the MMA Hour (transcribed by MMA Mania). "Where the sport is now, it's horrible, tragic, and pathetic."

He specifically went off on the Reebok sponsorship payouts on the last UFC event, where no one made over 10k, and the entire card added to just $107,500 in total.

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"Glover just fought OSP, right? The entire Reebok payout was $100,000 or something? All, every athlete on the entire UFC card that night," he said. "I made more sponsorship money in Strikeforce than every single athlete on that card that night. In one fight!"

"Me vs. Luke Rockhold or me vs. Jacare. Even my last fight, me versus Zak Cummings. I made more than every single UFC athlete, to include Glover, who just fought for the title against Jon Jones, cumulatively. If that doesn't blow your mind and say what is wrong with this sport..."

This wasn't the only time Kennedy was vocal about his displeasure with the Reebok deal. When the initial payouts came out, the middleweight went on social media to say 'I'll pass' on 'generous offer' of $2500.