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White: UFC not going to Dallas in December, Rousey's next fight in Vegas

Dana White made it clear that Tito Ortiz's recent comments about Cyborg vs. Rousey in Cowboys Stadium aren't true - in fact, the UFC isn't even going to Dallas in December.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Ronda Rousey starched Bethe Correia in 34 seconds at UFC 190 earlier this month, there has been a lot of new talk about Rousey facing Cristine "Cyborg" Justino. This has come up many times in the past, but Cyborg's inability to make 135 pounds is the main hurdle to the whole thing. To ramp up speculation event more, Cyborg's "advisor" Tito Ortiz claimed the UFC had offered Cyborg a December fight with Rousey in Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. Cyborg claimed it as well.

It didn't take Dana long to deny that, and take a shot at his nemesis Ortiz in the process. But today on, Dana offered a firm reason why what they're claiming isn't true - the UFC isn't actually going to Cowboys Stadium in December after all:

"To show you that Tito Ortiz has no idea what he's talking about, we're not even doing the fight in Dallas, Texas," UFC president Dana White told on Monday. "The fight is going to be in Las Vegas at the MGM. Just to show you that Tito is absolutely talking out of his ass."

He also stated that it was "weird" that Justino wasn't making a scene about wanting the fight that night in HSBC Arena in Rio:

"I thought it was weird that she wasn’t screaming for this fight – that she wasn’t trying to make the weight and trying to make this fight happen," White told

He did state that the UFC did contact Justino, but it was to see if she wanted to take a fight at 135 pounds, which is what they signed her to a deal for, and how she was going to make the weight. A specific fight with Rousey was not on the table - she has to make 135 first:

"The deal we have with her is that she’ll make the weight and fight at 135," White said. "We said to her: ‘What’s going on? Are we going to do this?’

"She was never offered a fight with Ronda anywhere. She has to make the weight, and then fight, and then we know she can do it and we do the fight with Ronda."

So, that's Dana's latest volley in the never-ending Cyborg/Rousey saga. I'm sure he'll be back to claiming a new extravaganza in Cowboys Stadium soon (as he has done many times in the past). But we do now apparently know that Rousey's next fight will be in Las Vegas. Against who though? Cyborg? Miesha Tate? Gina Carano? FLOYD MAYWEATHER? Tune in next week for more witty banter.

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