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Aldo's coach blasts 'mediocre' Schaub for PED accusations: 'It's jealousy of Brazilians'

Andre Pederneiras has responded to Brendan Schaub's comments on steroid use from Brazilian UFC fighters, calling him an insignificant personality who talks out of jealousy.

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Brendan Schaub recently made controversial statements on his podcast, throwing out some PED accusations about Brazilian and South American UFC fighters.

"Since this drug testing, anyone notice the ol' Brazilians ain't doing too well? Ever notice the people, the ol' South America ain't doing too hot since this drug testing thing?" Schaub asked. "I'm just saying, if there are disciplines of MMA for Brazilians, it's Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, steroids, boxing."

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If you read the full transcript of his statements, Schaub also mentioned both Renan Barão and Jose Aldo. After including two of his top students and champions, a seemingly furious Nova União head coach has since responded. Here's a snippet from Andre Pederneiras' lengthy letter to Combate (translated by MMA Fighting):

"I found Brendan Schaub’s accusations to be very serious. Before talking a bunch of crap, I think Mr. Schaub should get informed about the facts. When the new doping policy was announced to me by UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby, I asked him if the UFC could do it for Aldo’s fight (at UFC 189), with daily tests on Aldo and McGregor. I made this same request to Mr. Jeff Novitzky, responsible for UFC’s antidoping, that fighters were tested at least three times a week. And when I met Dana White the last time, I made this same request. So I ask the UFC, Dana and Lorenzo Fertitta again: test Aldo and McGregor at least three times a week, for three months before the fight, and I will pay for the costs, as I promised them every time I asked them to do this."

"Accusing my fighters of doing steroids is, at least, jealousy for their results -- results we never saw and will never see in your career, Mr. Schaub. Don’t try to throw dirt in clean person’s careers, people that worked hard throughout their entire lives. We have no fault for your failure as a fighter and athlete. I ask you to get back to your insignificance in this sport. Clean your mouth before mentioning a Brazilian or an athlete from my team, because the name of my country and my fighters can’t be said by mediocre people like you."

"I find offensive to talk about the Brazilian and South American people since doping is there for anyone, not only for Brazilians. Your quotes make it look like no athlete from another country was ever caught, only Brazilians. And if some Brazilians were caught, they didn’t learn how to do it here, that’s for sure."

"... After this frivolous and baseless accusation, I again ask the UFC, Dana White, and Lorenzo Fertitta to drug test Aldo and McGregor for three months, at least three times a week, blood and urine. I will pay all the extra costs that it might bring. After all of this, I don’t see how it won’t happen for this fight."

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