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Hunt says he's booked for UFC 193 in Melbourne

It looks like Mark Hunt is going to be making his return to the Octagon in the near futures as the former heavyweight interim title challenger advertised that he's got a fight scheduled for UFC 193 in November.

Don Arnold/Getty Images

Let the countdown begin! Mark Hunt will be returning to the Octagon on November 14th, although it will be off back to back losses, for the first time since his 0-6, 2006-2010 run. In this stretch of performances, however, Hunt hasn't been getting submitted by a variety of arm attacks early in the first round, he's been getting put on dream street. Three times in his last five fights, and that's a lot for a fighter once deemed to have one of the best chins in all of combat sports.

That's not a great way to start off an article about the Super Samoan's comeback path, but some things just had to be said. Still, Hunt will have another chance upcoming to prove that he's still among the divisional elite. As he announced on Twitter:

No clue yet as to just who is opponent will be, but stay tuned to Bloody Elbow and we'll be sure to keep you updated.