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UFC 190 Video: Jose Aldo recovered from injury, would 'beat' Conor McGregor today

During a UFC 190 Q&A, Jose Aldo spoke about his return to training after a rib injury and a unification bout against Conor McGregor.

Jose Aldo was a guest at UFC 190 fan Q&A, and he spoke about recovering from his rib injury that forced him out of his bout against Conor McGregor.

"My rib is fine, I returned to training now. I’m just waiting for them to book the fight," Aldo said, also stating that he wants to compete on the same card as fellow Brazilian champ Fabricio Werdum.

With Aldo's absence, McGregor went on to win the interim title against Chad Mendes. Jose says he was unimpressed and that it only confirmed that their original game plan would work against the Irishman.

"It was exactly what we already expected," he said. "If you book this fight today, we’ll beat him. The strategy was already set. We trained for him once and we saw that our strategy would work with his fight against Mendes. We have the most logical way to win and we try to improve every time more."

Did Aldo see holes in McGregor's striking? Or did his game plan really involve trying to outwrestle and submit his rival?

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