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Conor McGregor on Aldo/Mendes interaction: 'That's coward s**t'

Conor McGregor is having trouble understanding why former foes Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes are acting like buddies all of a sudden ahead of UFC 189.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Conor McGregor is just a couple of days away from the biggest fight of his life at UFC 189, and he's confused why his former opponent and current opponent are now acting like buddies. Earlier in the week, Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo exchanged Tweets where Mendes asked Aldo for the support of him and his fans against McGregor, and Aldo replied in the affirmative in English. In a media scrum, McGregor made it very clear that he wasn't fond of that sort of interaction between the two (via MMA Fighting):

"I think [Mendes] is crumbling already, to be honest," McGregor said Wednesday. "I just, I see forced. I see a forced persona or something. He's just different. And then the little back and forth tweets with Jose, and he's talking in [Portuguese]. ‘Can I have your fan support, please,' and all this bull. What is that? That's women s--t. That's not even, that's disrespectful to women. I don't know what that is. That's coward s--t, is what that is."


Everyone's trying to be friends," McGregor said. "I don't have friends in this business. I don't have friends in the game. I am not friends with my competitors. I am ruthless in here, and I'm looking to take every single one of them out. So they need to bunch up.

"I don't give a s--t about respect. I'm here on my own journey. As long as my team respects me, as long as the people in my circle have respect for me and what I'm doing, that's all I focus on."

Of course, Conor is also still pretty sour about Aldo withdrawing from the title bout, which now sees Mendes and McGregor battling over an interim title:

"It's the rightful thing to do. He didn't show up. Where's the pride? Where's the fighter in him?" McGregor said. "And then I see him sitting back, and him and Chad are tweeting back and forth, little buddies and this bulls--t.

"When a man is close to death, they try and buddy up together. They know it's over for them, so let them be little pally-pals all of a sudden now. But he pulled out of a contest, with all of the talk, all of the build-up, and not one mention of the fans who flew over. Not one mention of nothing. So we are different people, me and him. And if he grows a set of balls, he'll get it as well. His time will come."

Mendes and McGregor clashed some more in a feisty press conference today, which didn't include a staredown between the two. They'll meet eye-to-eye for the first time at tomorrow's UFC 189 weigh-in.