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UFC reveals new logo, more visual changes to broadcasts, posters and websites

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The UFC is tweaking a lot of things visually, most notably changing the logo they've used for years.

UFC 189 will be a milestone of sorts for the world's top MMA promotion. Apart from a highly anticipated card with two title fights, it will also kick off the new Reebok deal, the revamped drug testing policy with USADA, and as just announced, a new UFC logo.

Here's a photo of the tweaked version of their logo:

New UFC logo

Most wouldn't even notice the change at first glance, but if you look closely, you'd see that the letter 'c' isn't curved and rounded anymore. It's a slight change, but from a design perspective, it makes it cleaner and more uniform. I have always wondered why the edges were rounded to begin with, so personally, this is a welcome change.

Gil Haslam and Seton Kim from LA branding firm Troika, headed a team of 30 people to make various visual changes for the UFC, and they spoke about the new logo on an announcement with the Washington Post.

"It becomes personal. We hoped that nobody on the team had the UFC logo tattooed on their body," Haslam said. "It just wasn’t as sporty or as clean as it could be. It was just a question of how far we could evolve it. We want the fans to feel the difference, but not feel like it’s something brand-new, because it didn’t need to be brand-new."

There will also be other visual changes to be made, including minor tweaks on the broadcasts, fight posters, and websites.

As noted on the reveal, event dates for all UFC cards will be on the same spot for every poster, and 'gold imagery' will be exclusively used when promoting a title fight. The fight clock on broadcasts will also be moved from the corner to the bottom center of the screen.

A 'cleaned-up look' of the UFC Fight Pass site is also set to be shown this weekend.