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Dana White reveals that Jose Aldo would have ‘probably would've made close to $4 million’

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UFC President Dana White reveals that Jose Aldo was set to make close to $4 million at UFC 189.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to Jose Aldo's withdrawal from the highly anticipated UFC 189 event, it was clear that the featherweight champion was trying to figure out how he could soften his rib injury so that he could compete on the card. Everyone knew there was a lucrative deal at stake, yet few were aware of just how much money was in play for the Brazilian.

According to UFC President Dana White, who appeared on The Rusillo Show on Tuesday, Aldo was set to make far more than the reported figures floating around on the Internet.

"Millions of dollars," White said. "Yeah, he probably would've made close to four million."

Yet with Aldo's absence from the Las Vegas PPV event, many expected the rug to have been pulled from under the UFC. However, according to White, the UFC 189 card appears to have even more buzz now than it initially did.

"It's at $7.1 [million], it's the biggest gate ever in the United States and not only did it not lose interest, it almost sort of gained more interest, as crazy as that sounds," White said

UFC 189 takes place Saturday July 11 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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