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The UFC Cutting Room Floor: Hatsu Hioki and long goodbyes

Zane Simon goes in depth on the most recent UFC roster cuts, just who the fighters were, and whether or not we might expect them back soon. New to this episode, a look at the UFC signings from the month of June as well.

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It's that time again. The time for somber reflection; a time to remember fights gone bye. The UFC h's roster cuts came out this week, and they scythed through the roster with a vengeance, leaving 17 fighters out in the cold. Some we already knew about, like Luke Barnatt, Mike King, and Dhiego Lima, others were something of a surprise. Most notably Robbie Peralta and Ryan Jimmo were fighters many didn't necessarily expect to see on that list. Seeing Hatsu Hioki's name felt like the final nail in a coffin that was years in the making.

But, that's the way of sports. For all the glory and entertainment anything that thrives on constant competition means that there are always going to be athletes losing out. For everyone climbing the ranks, there's someone falling out of them. That's why this show is here, not to revel in the UFC's latest batch of cuts, but just to keep fans updated on exactly who is (or isn't) fighting in the UFC these days. So, check out the show!

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