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Mike Dolce on IV ban: 'Someone would die because of that'

Add Mike Dolce's voice to those significantly worried about the implementation of an IV ban on UFC fighters.

The UFC has some interesting days ahead when it comes to policy implementation. It's still unclear how the planned IV ban for weight cuts (set to go into effect on October 1st) will actually change the structure of the UFC and its weight divisions. Exact numbers as to just how many fighters use IVs to re-hydrate don't exist although some have suggested it's as high as 50%. Certainly the reactions from fighters on the news of the ban suggests that many of them are worried about it.

Which brings us to Mike Dolce's recent Q&A for MMADigest live Periscope Q & A with MMA fans on The Dolce Diet Periscope Channel*. Dolce gave his thoughts on the IV ban, and it sounds like he thinks it could be a total disaster for the sport:

"I think it's ridiculous, and it's not official yet. There's a lot of laws surrounding that, where USADA was brought in, the out of season testing, and they're licensed through the UFC. They don't have a direct effect on the athletic commissions. Now, the rules of sport are goverened by the athletic commissions and as of right now, the athletic commission does not ban the use of intravenous fluids post-weigh in for rehydration purposes. So, there is a serious legal issue at hand. And, if that is banned, it will be the worst possible day in MMA, because you will see a lot of very serious brain injuries as a result of that.

Yeah, I agree. Someone would die because of that and that's exactly what I was saying. So, I don't think the people involved in the sport will actually allow that for a combat sport like mixed martial arts, it makes no sense. I mean, let the USADA officials stand there and watch every athlete on a drip, that's fine. I know they're trying to get rid of drugs, which I think is awesome. But, you can't risk the health of the athlete, it's just so close-minded. It's dangerous, it's dangerous. That's my take on it."

Dolce also talked about his recent BJ Penn feud (apparently it's over), about working with Manny Gamburyan, and even provided an update on Thiago Alves' nose. And of course, he gave his thoughts on the upcoming UFC 189 bout between Chad Mendes and Conor McGregor, along with a lot more, so check it out.

*Note: Since this article was originally posted, Bloody Elbow has received notification that this Q & A was in no way associated with the MMADigest, as was originally suggested by its YouTube posting.