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Tweets of the Day - BJ Penn: 'IVs are for wimps', fight like a man!

Former UFC champ BJ Penn has voiced his opinion on the recent ban on IVs for rehydration.

Photo by Anton Tabuena

Among the new USADA policies to be implemented in the UFC is a ban for using IVs of over 50 ml for rehydrating after weigh-ins. With it being a normal practice in MMA, a lot of competitors weren't happy about the news when it first went out. There were also a few more vocal ones who thought it was 'f----ng dumb' because the reasons for the ban isn't even related to cutting weight.

B.J. Penn has weighed in on the topic, and he supports the new rule. According to the former two-division champion who will be inducted in the UFC hall-of-fame this week, he's never used IVs as they are 'for wimps':

The new PED policies have started this month, but the IV ban is set to be implemented starting October, to give current fighters already booked for fights a more suitable grace period until the ban.