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Can't Wait for UFC 190: Life in the Ronda Rousey Era

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Connor Ruebusch of Bloody Elbow welcomes you to the Ronda Rousey show.

These days, when Ronda Rousey fights it's no longer a question of "if" but "when." With a 100% finishing rate against the best opposition her division has to offer, it's no surprise. And, as the champ continues to improve, the question "how" keeps cropping up. Heck, she seems just as likely to KO her opponents these days as she is to catch them in her infamous armbar.

Someday this'll all come crashing down, as it always does. Rousey will be a huge favorite, as she always is, and the pre-fight talk will all but ignore her opponent, as it does now. And when the queen finally falls, we'll all be left with egg on our faces. Is Bethe Correia the woman to dethrone the UFC first and only women's bantamweight champ? It doesn't seem very likely, but who knows? All I know is that this will be an important era in the history of MMA, and I'm happy to be living in it.