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Hector Lombard pulls out of Five Grappling tournament due to injury

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UFC star Hector Lombard pulls of of Five Grappling's $17,500 tournament at the last minute due to injury.

Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Five Grappling's invitational tournament has been dealt a cruel blow with the news that Hector Lombard has been forced to pull out due to a injury at the eleventh hour.It has been a tough 2015 for Hector Lombard. At UFC 182, he put in a lacklustre performance against Josh Burkman and later popped for PEDs. As well as Lombard's drug woes, the Cuban also suffered a disappointing turn of events at the Atlanta BJJ championships, where he was submitted inside of 2 minutes.

Early indications seem to point toward a minor injury as Lombard has announced a seminar tour in South Africa for next week. It remains unclear if Lombard will compete at the Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Wrestling World Championships at the end of August in Brazil, as previously scheduled.

Despite the removal of Lombard, it is not all doom and gloom for Five Grappling. The promotion is still putting on two superb tournaments.Some of the most well-respected female grapplers are scheduled to vie for a $17,500 prize fund in a 8-person elimination tournament. All eyes will be set on Mackenzie Dern, who has emerged as one of the most popular female grapplers in recent years. As for the men, their tournament features ADCC champ Joao Assis, Bruno Bastos and the ever-dangerous James Puopolo.

Five Grappling Super League goes down on August 2 in California and features a pair of stacked tournaments in addition to superfights showcasing some of the most popular grapplers in the world right now, Keenan Cornelius vs. Otavia Sousa and Garry Tonon vs. Joao Miyao II. The event will be streamed live on PPV at