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HBO releases full ‘Real Sports’ segment on domestic violence in MMA

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HBO has released the full segment on domestic violence in MMA. Watch it below.

The 220th edition of HBO's critically acclaimed series ‘Real Sports' with Bryant Gumbel returned last week with an investigation on domestic violence among MMA fighters, with the centerpiece being Jon Koppenhaver's harrowing abuse of Christy Mack.

During the segment, HBO launched a detailed report that emphasized the dramatically disproportional rate of domestic violence in MMA in comparison to both the National Football League and the national average in the United States. The volume of domestic violence arrests that included MMA fighters was more than double that of the average national rate in the U.S. Using public records as their main resource, Real Sports determined that the national rate of domestic violence arrests is around 360 per 100,000 men. On the same chart, they contrasted that against NFL players, which found 210 arrests per 100,000, while MMA saw a staggering rise to 750.

Overall, the HBO segment was a chilling reminder of the troubled state of MMA.