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Fedor: I want to rematch Fabricio Werdum

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Russian heavyweight legend Fedor Emelianenko made himself quite clear when asked who he would like to face upon his return to MMA.

Esther Lin/Strikeforce

Since the astonishing announcement that Fedor Emelianenko would come out of retirement to rekindle one of the greatest careers in the sport's history, fans, pundits and fighters all offered their respective thoughts on who Fedor should face upon his return and what promotion he should fight for.

It has been an ongoing debate for a couple of weeks now, as many want to see Fedor complete his career by adding fights in the one promotion missing from his legacy: the UFC. Even his former manager Vadim Finkelchtein revealed that the UFC is a very real option for Fedor, which delighted fans.

The latest twist to the sweepstakes took place on Tuesday afternoon while Fedor visited a youth forum. During a Q&A session, the ‘Last Emperor' was asked who he would like the face in his first fight back in three years.

His response? Fabricio Werdum.

Werdum's Strikeforce victory against Fedor stands as one of the biggest upsets in MMA history, as it snapped a decade long win streak for the Russian. It also sparked a three-fight losing skid for Fedor, who would not recover from the loss until he left the North American promotion. Werdum went on to secure wins under the UFC banner en route to the promotion's heavyweight title.

Now, Fedor wants a chance at redemption against the consensus No. 1 heavyweight in the world.