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How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Twitter Beef, Booty experiments

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The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and twitter world.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


There's a ton of tweets below, but first, don't forget to follow me on twitter and instagram@antontabuena

Oh, and these guys are probably worth following as well: The Official BloodyElbow Twitter AccountKid NateFraser CoffeenBen ThapaT.P. GrantSteph DanielsZane Simon, Mookie Alexander, Karim ZidanDavid St. MartinDavid CastilloConnor RuebuschTim BurkeJosh Samman



"WTF - People I have never met asking if I can get them free tickets to #UFC190 - um, no."  -Dr. Ann Maria

"As long as she wanted me to last. I wanted to introduce myself to her at the ESPYs but didn't want her to kick my butt."  -LeBron James, on Ronda Rousey

"Two days ago I learned cheese fries is called poutine but I didn't understand until today"  -Al Iaquinta

"My mom is playing Grand Theft Auto 5 and all she does is kick bushes and turn herself in."  -Julie Kedzie

"Just got yelled at by a lady at the auction for not having tattoos"  -Mitch Clarke

"Barao's chest tattoo is creeping me out. Like when someone keeps staring at you on the subway #UFCChicago"  -Angela Hill

"My girlfriend said we can go out to eat and she would pay for it. But her paying for it with my money isn't really her paying..."  -David Michaud

"I just threw a side kick and a fart at the same time. That's called impeccable technique."  -Josh Barnett

"Pretty sure TJ gets carded every time he goes to a club — every time. #UFCChicago"  -Elias Theodorou



"Well that was a fun experiment I had a feeling my photo would be reported by some uptight booty blocking dick but I didn't expect it to be on IG. Although most of the comments were positive to say the least there were still quite a lot of... "unfollowed my daughter used to look up to you" or "You're a mom put some clothes on" comments... I don't understand why people think just because I birthed two beautiful human beings I don't have the right to celebrate my sexuality, I shouldn't *gasp* show my childbearing hips or my booty to the world? What kind of example are YOU setting for your kids? Showing them it's okay to slut shame & disrespect another woman because they're proud of their body, because they don't conform to society’s idea of how a mother should dress or act? The amount of respect you give a woman shouldn’t be based on how much clothing she has on. #shameonyou #bootyblockers #hatersgunnahate"  -Bec Rawlings





"Toall my family and friends please defend me i  was a great husband and you all know what I put up with I never laid a  hand on my wife"  -Chris Leben

"I'm no mayhem I'm no war machine i've got problems but I wear them on my sleeve ask me and I will tell you"  -Chris Leben





"I don't blame all these bums. I'd call me out too. Chad went from 48/48 into half a rock flat. Pre PPV. I can change your bum life. Line up."  -Conor McGregor

"@junior_cigano waiting for your 'yes, We can' phone call..."  -Alistair Overeem

"Pettis as an analyst? Needs to keep his day job. Wait...he isn't doing well at his day job either. #frail #notwellspoken"  -Michael Chandler

"Barao is fighting in streight lines-that's why TJ can counter going backwards."  -Dominick Cruz

"As the champion I would think that u would want to fight the #1 person instead of running  @Ruthless_RL bc we have unfinished business"  -Johny Hendricks

"Judging by the size of your belly I doubt you do much running these days"  -Ben Askren

"i'd pin @ChrisWeidmanUFC in the 1st round he wrestled for hofstra i wrestled for @OSUAthletics  @CowboyWrestling"  -Daniel Cormier

"Thank u everyone!!! Even the haters, I love it."  -Dana White, during his birthday.





";)"  -Dana White, replying to a fan asking for them to sue Wand... He did.

";)"  -Dana White, replying to a fan asking if he paid Conor for his $3M dollar bet.

":)"  -Dana White, after returning to a Chicago Pizza place.