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Duane Ludwig offers strange apology for Team Alpha Male comments: 'Sorry for being stupid'

"Bang" Ludwig tries to apologize to his old team, still thinks T.J. Dillashaw 'puts in a little extra effort".

Duane Ludwig caused a bit of a stir in his old team last week, when he stated, T.J. Dillashaw, who he prepared for his title defense at UFC on FOX 16, trains "a lot harder and a lot more focused than anybody else" at Team Alpha Male, and that he "is the only one that actually wants to be a champion".

Those comments obviously didn't sit too well with most of the Team Alpha Male fighters, who immediately lashed out on twitter. "Bang" fired back right away at first, days later, he said that he feels bad about the comments made, but that they were "the truth".

Ludwig trained at Team Alpha Male until he moved to Colorado to open up his own Gym last year. Now he used an appearance in the latest episode of the MMA Hour to offer the attempt of an apology "for being stupid".

"I say some stupid stuff sometimes," Ludwig said. "And they're training at their full potential. T.J. just really wants it. If you look at it in comparison, there's a difference. If someone is training a certain way -- and not just coming out to Colorado -- it's the focus and the intensity and the desire in the room. You can just see it, you can feel it. And it's just different with T.J.

"They train their butts off and for me to say they don't want to be champ, that's not fair. That's not actually true. T.J. just puts in a little extra effort, a bit more focus and a bit more desire. That's what I see and that's what I was truly meaning, not to discredit anybody."

Well, this apology sounds very much like the original statement, just put a bit more nicely, if you ask me. And Ludwig didn't stop there.

"I want more for them," Ludwig said. "I don't think, I know that Chad Mendes and Joseph Benavidez will be champions, they can be champions. The only thing that's separating them is just a little more focus and desire."

And there's even some more:

"If anything I just wanted to make sure I was highlighting T.J.'s push for the belt," Ludwig said. "That was the main thing. It wasn't to put anybody down. I shouldn't have actually brought up the team, but that was the people that I trained. So that's what my reference guide was for. And there is a difference when they train. There's a distinct difference. You can see it. You can feel it. And I just think if you're gonna be champion, you just need to do what he's doing."

And this:

"Everybody wants to be champion, but he wants it the most. That's what I should have fucking said."

Actually, that is almost exactly what he has said, isn't it?